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Bowlus (family)

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C. George Bowlus, 1858-1925, and his brother O.W. (Ollie), 1854-1933, were born in Illinois, USA and orphaned as children. They were brought up by an uncle and attended Wheaton College. George went into banking and Ollie built bridges and railroads. Ollie married, moved to Iowa and had two children. George married Hattie Ann Johnston, 1857-?, of Byron, Illinois. They had five daughters: Verna (Gordon), 1882-1967, Ola Frank (Rice), 1885-?, Ruth McKinley, 1896-?, Bess Johnston (Ford), 1889-?, and Harriet Alice, 1887-?. The family moved to Nebraska ca. 1885. Ollie and George invested in land near Strathmore and Blackie in 1907-1908. Ollie moved his family to High River in 1908 and became the secretary of the first High River United Farmers of Alberta (UFA). George moved to Blackie in 1914, engaged in mixed farming, and had a dairy with Ollie. Hattie and Verna joined him temporarily in 1915. In 1916, Hattie and Ruth moved to Blackie, where Ruth would later teach school. Harriet, who had worked in business in the USA, joined her mother and sister to work on the farm after George's death. Verna and Bess remained in the USA. Ola and her husband, Ernest M. Rice, farmed near Blackie, but later returned to the USA.

Bradley (family)

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Jonathan Bradley and his family moved to Calgary, Alberta from Muskoka, Ontario in 1892. Jonathan and his wife, Elizabeth Cunningham, had a number of children including May (Clarke), Robert, Levi, Richard, John, Mary, Wilfred, Helen (McNeill), Olive, N. Hilburn, and Louis. In 1896 they bought a homestead on what is now 17th Avenue and 69th Street SW in Calgary and named it Poplar Grove Ranch.

Brown (family)

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Frederick J. Brown, 1858-1923, was born in England and as an adult was employed as a plumber, gas fitter and interior decorator. He emigrated to Canada ca. 1906 and settled in Calgary with his family. He worked as a sign maker with the Alberta Sign Company. He and his wife, Clara, ?-1940, had six children, Grace Winifred, Joan, Gertrude M., Percy, James H. and Frank G. Grace was a photographer's assistant and worked for W.B. Young, Marcell, and Courtland's studios. In 1941 she married Walter Charles Dennis.

Card (family)

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Melville Card, 1864-1951, and Mary Ann Godkin, 1869-1944, who were married in 1890, moved to a homestead near Red Deer, Alberta in 1905 from Plevna, Ontario. Mel ran a livery stable in Red Deer and in 1912 built and operated Delburne's first meat market. He also drove school van for Great Bend School in 1917. Mel and Mary Ann's son, Claude, 1893-1952, married Velma Turnquist, ?-1977, in 1913 and they had three children, Lila Mae, 1914- , Allan, 1919- , and Eilleen, 1920-1942. Claude and Velma lived with Mel and Mary Ann for a year and then got their own homestead in the area. Mel and Mary Ann moved into Red Deer in 1917 where Mel was agent for a plough company and Mary Ann was involved in the Women's Institute. Claude and Velma moved to Red Deer in 1919, and from 1922 to 1927 Claude and Mel operated a grist mill. Mel and Mary Ann then moved back to their farm and Claude and Velma to Calgary. Mel and Mary Ann retired to Delburne in 1936. It appears that Claude and Velma's children spent much of their school years living with their grandparents and attended Great Bend School. Eilleen contracted tuberculosis in 1936 and was hospitalized at the Central Alberta Sanatorium, Calgary. Allan attended technical school in Calgary and served overseas during WII. Lila attended the Calgary General Hospital training school from 1934 to 1937 and became a registered nurse. She married Howard Stringer, ?-1970, in 1941 and they had two daughters, Nila and Terry. Howard came to teach at Great Bend School in 1931 and also taught the violin. In 1937 he began teaching in Calgary but in 1941 went to the University of Oklahoma and then joined the RCAF in 1942. After the war he and Lila lived in Calgary where he taught school. He later sold travel insurance.

Clark (family)

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Leonard Clark emigrated from England to Calgary, Alberta in 1911. his wife, Annie E. Clark, 1866-[after 1945], and his family joined him in 1913. He was a carpenter at the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Ogden shop. His daughter, Elizabeth, married Fred Ostrom, and they had two daughters, Winnifred and Annie L. She later married William Bryant, a saddler and harness-marker. William worked for Calgary Saddlery beginning in 1900 and subsequently worked for Great West Saddlery until 1960 when he was employed by the Glenbow Foundation.

Cohen (family)

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Harry Cohen, 1912-1990, was born and raised in Winnipeg. He left school early and worked as a theatre doorman and later as a film inspector. In 1932 he and his family moved to Calgary, Alberta where he was Warner Brother's film inspector and his brothers began a small retail business. In 1939 the brothers formed General Distributors of Canada Ltd., later the holding company for the Metropolitan and SAAN stores. Harry joined the new company, eventually becoming vice-president. The brothers also became the distributors of Sony products in Canada with Harry as vice-president. He married Martha Ruth Block, 1920-2015, in 1945 and they had four children, Philip Frank, Cheryl Beth, Faye Patricia, and David Irving. Martha was born and educated in Calgary and received a BA from the University of Calgary in 1940, and a Diploma of Social Work from the University of Toronto in 1945. Harry was active in many community organizations including the Calgary Foundation, Stampeder Football Club (director), Calgary B'nai Brith Lodge No. 816 (president), Calgary Chamber of Commerce (director), and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (director). He received an honorary doctorate from the University of Calgary, the Tree of Life Award from the State of Israel, and both he and Martha received the Order of Canada. Martha also received the Prime Minister's Medal from the State of Israel, was president of the National Council of Jewish Women in Canada and chairperson of Mount Royal College. In 1980 she formed the Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts Guild Association to raise funds toward the operation of the new centre, and she has been chairperson and president of the centre. The Martha Cohen Theatre was named in her honour.

Cote (family)

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Walter Anthony Cote, 1886-1967, was born in Wolcott, Indiana, USA, and came to the Langdon area of Alberta in 1909. He worked for local farmers and irrigation works before establishing his own farm in 1916. In 1907 he married Ethel Foreman, ?-1933, and they had thirteen children, Bernice, ?-1933, Cecil, Estel, Luella (Pickle), Melva (Miller), Burrell "Dude", Eloise (Aitkins), Darrell, Murray, Genevieve (Wegener), Milton, ?-1949, Yvonne (Fawkes), and Ramona Dawn (Dennis). Walter's brothers, Paul, ?-1958, Charles, 1895-1938, and Phillip, 1888-?, lived nearby.

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