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Young, John Jackson family

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John Jackson Young, 1867-1923, and his brothers, David Jackson Young, 1875-1961, and Edward Jackson Young, 1869-1933, were born in Newark, Nottinghamshire, England and came to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1884. John worked at the Regina Leader until 1892 when he moved to Moosomin, Saskatchewan. In 1894 he purchased the Calgary Herald with C.A. Magrath. He was also active in the British Columbia mining industry. In 1901 he was elected to the Territorial Legislature for East Calgary. He retired to British Columbia. He and his wife, Mary, ?-1951, had five children, Ruby (Laird), Earl, ?-1983, Stanley, Sinclair and Leighton.

In 1896 David also came to Calgary, Alberta and established a successful stationery business after a short period at the Herald and a few years in Kaslo, British Columbia. He was involved in sports and the Calgary Stampede as well as the petroleum industry. He and his wife, Lillian J., had four children, Jackson, Mrs. Bagnall, Frances (Allan), and Helen (Firmstone). Edward lived in Regina from 1884 to 1900 and then settled in Calgary. He operated Young Plumbing company for forty years. He and his wife, Louise, had three children, Mrs. Burwash, Harold and Herbert.

Wyndham family

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Alfred E. Wyndham and his wife, Caroline Stuart, came from Dorsetshire, England and settled in Ontario. Alfred came west to command the 12th Battalion of York Rangers in the 1885 Riel Rebellion (North West Rebellion). The family joined him in 1887 and they homesteaded near Carseland, Alberta and built the IU Ranch. In 1910 they moved to Dorothy, Alberta. They had eleven children, including Alexander "Alex", Ernest Alfred, Charles Jr., 1873-1951, Spencer, Mary Sophia (Campbell), Beatrice Ida, Walter Trevelyan, 1864-1948, Tim and John S. "Jack".

Alex, 1860-1949, was born in Toronto, educated in England and came to Calgary in 1877 to join the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP). He served in Steele's Scouts for five years and in the 1885 Riel Rebellion (North West Rebellion). He was discharged in 1890 and farmed near Carseland and Okotoks, Alberta. He retired to Carseland in 1934.

Spencer, 1867-1944, homesteaded in the Kneehill area of Alberta with Charles and Tim in the early 1890s. He married Mary Crocker, 1876-1968, in 1906 and they had three children, Charles Alfred, Spencer Trevelyan and Ralph Ewan.

Mary had emigrated to Alberta from Nebraska, USA with her parents ca. 1900, and lived in Ponoka and later North End Pine Lake where she was postmistress in her parents' store. She and Spencer lived in the Kootenay area of British Columbia, Grassy Lake and Elnora in Alberta, and finally moved to Washington, USA in 1922.

For further information see L.G. Thomas' article, "A Ranchers' Community - Okotoks", in Ranchers' Legacy, Alberta Essays by Lewis G. Thomas / Patrick A. Dunae, ed. -- Edmonton : University of Alberta Press, 1986.

Wright, Frederick family

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Brothers Louis and Robert Wade, and Albert and Frederick Wright were all born in England and moved to Calgary just before the First World War. Together they purchased the entire side of a city block on 20th Avenue NE and between 1911 and 1913 built four nearly identical cottages on four of the lots. Albert Victor Wright, ca. 1883-1971 and Frederick George Wright, 1879-1957, were from St. Helen's, Lancashire. Both were trained as carpenters. Before immigrating Frederick served in the Lancashire Fusiliers. He joined the Canadian Pacific Railway. Albert married Edith, ca. 1883-1977, and Frederick married Mary "Molly" "Mollie" McCaul, 1878-1947, who was born in Ireland. The latter had two children, Frederick George Wright Jr., 1912-1995, and Kathleen Mary Cecilia "Susie", 1918-2013. Harry Wright, brother of Albert and Fred, also built a home on one of the lots and worked for Star Printing Works until he moved to Oakland, Calfornia about 1920. A fourth brother, George, joined the family in Calgary but died in the influenza epidemic of 1918. Frederick Wright Jr. attended St. Mary's School and the University of Toronto and worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway in Calgary and Lethbridge as a signaller. He served in the Second World War. He and his wife Marjorie Southby Cochrane, 1913-2004, had one son, Frederick Michael Wright, 1951-. Kathleen Wright was educated at St. Mary's Girls School, and convent schools in Rockyford (St. Rita's) and Red Deer (St. Joseph's). She received her ARCT and taught music in Calgary for many years. She later received education and music degrees and taught in local schools and in several southern Alberta centres. She was active in Catholic organizations and was organist for several congregations.

Wright family

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The Wright family came to Calgary, Alberta in the 1910s. Reginald William John attended Crescent Heights High School and later worked for Smith, Davidson and Wright (paper dealers).

Wright family

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Dr. Victor W. Wright, 1889-1969, was the son of Dr. T.A. Wright, 1862-1933, a coroner from Ontario who came to Calgary, Alberta in 1911, and his wife, Elizabeth. He chaired the Workmen's Compensation Board, 1935-1945, and was director of the provincial cancer clinics, 1949-1961. Victor's siblings were Herbert W., Leslie, Mrs. Mervin Dutton and Beryth (Steeves). Arthur Corey Steeves, 1897-1989, was born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island and trained as a dentist at the University of Toronto. He came to Calgary after 1919 and practiced as a dentist. He married Beryth Steeves and they had two children, Jack and Helen (Jull). Arthur became interested in geology in the late 1950s.

Woolfe family

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Jacob Woolfe was active as a second-hand dealer in Calgary, Alberta in the 1910s and 1920s. He and his wife, Rachel, had a number of children, including Aaron, Fanny M., and Harry, 1899-?. Harry joined the Royal North-West Mounted Police (RNWMP) in 1916 and was stationed in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. He later went overseas with Lord Strathcona's Horse. After the First World War he entered the film distribution business in Calgary, moving to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1943. The family was Jewish.

Wood, John Taylor family

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John Taylor Wood, 1830-1904, was the son of Robert C. Wood and Anne Taylor, who was the daughter of American President Zachary Taylor. He was a US naval officer, who resigned at the outbreak of the American Civil War. He served on the Confederate warship CSS Virginia, and then in the Confederate Army. After the war, in about 1865, he settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1856 he married Lola Mckubin, and they had eleven children, including Zachary Taylor Wood, Eleanor McKubin Wood (later Mrs. Duncan Campbell) and Charles Carroll Wood. For further information see David A. Sutherland's entry, "John Taylor Wood", in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. 13, online at

Zachary Taylor Wood, 1860-1915, grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1882. He served with the Winnipeg Mounted Rifles during the 1885 Riel Rebellion, then on August 1, 1885 joined the North-West Mounted Police. He served under Sam Steele in British Columbia, and then at several posts in Alberta, before being posted to the Yukon in 1897 during the Klondike Gold Rush. He was made Assistant-Commissioner of the Yukon's NWMP in 1902, and remained in the North until 1910. In that year he returned to Regina and became the Deputy-Commissioner of the Mounted Police. He married Frances Augusta Daly in 1888 in Napanee, and they had two children, Stuart Taylor Wood and John Taylor Wood (known as Jack). For further information see William Beahen's entry, "Zachary Taylor Wood" in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. 14, online at

Stuart Taylor Wood, 1889-1966, was born in Napanee, Ontario. He graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1912, and then joined the Royal North-West Mounted Police. He served in the cavalry during the First World War. After the war he returned to the RNWMP and was stationed at Herschel Island, Yukon from 1919 to 1924. From 1938 until his retirement in 1951 he was the 9th Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In 1937 he attended the coronation of King George VI in England, and in 1939, as head of the Mounties, was involved in the Royal Visit to Canada of King George and Queen Elizabeth. He had a keen interest in researching the history of the North-West Mounted Police, which he pursued during the 1940s and 1950s. He was instrumental in the re-birth of the original Fort Walsh site as a horse-breeding station for the RCMP. He married M. Gertrude Daily and they had five children, John Taylor Wood, 1931-1991, Herschel Theodore Taylor Wood, 1924-1950, Frances Helen Taylor Wood (Poulsen), 1937- , Donald Zachary Taylor Wood (known as Zack), and Marjorie Lola Taylor Wood, 1941-2012.

Zack Taylor Wood, 1918-1944, graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, and in 1940 joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. He rose to the rank of Flight Lieutenant, and served overseas during the Second World War. He was killed on October 14, 1944 when the plane he was piloting on a mission from England to Germany crashed after its engine caught fire. He married Mignonne Elaine Castonguay in 1942 and they had one daughter, Sheryl Ann Taylor Wood.

Wolley-Dod family

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Arthur G. Wolley-Dod, 1860-1936, was born in England and married Annie Brown, 1864-1945. They moved to a ranch south of Calgary, Alberta in 1887 and remained there until 1909 when they settled in Calgary. Arthur was heavily involved in military activities and was first commanding officer of the 15th Alberta Light Horse. Annie was active with the IODE. She and Arthur had five children, William Randle, 1896-1974, Nancy (Littleton), Ethel (King), Rosamund (Burne), and Marjorie (Swan).

William Randle was born in Calgary and was employed as an engineer with Calgary Power from 1925 to 1963. He was active with the 31st Battalion Association. He and his wife, Valentine Kerfoot, ?-1973, had one son, William Arthur, 1928-2002.

For further information see "Arthur G. Wolley-Dod, Pine Creek Rancher" in Eye on the Future : Business People in Calgary and the Bow Valley, 1870-1900 / Henry C. Klassen. -- Calgary : University of Calgary Press, 2002, p. 176-180.

Winton, Clelland family

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Isabella Winton, 1913-2010, was born in Calgary. She served in the Women's Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Second World War, then worked for the Unemployment Insurance Commission in Calgary. Her friend Jean Clelland was married to William F. Clelland, 1930-2014, a chartered accountant.

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