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Cote (family)

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Walter Anthony Cote, 1886-1967, was born in Wolcott, Indiana, USA, and came to the Langdon area of Alberta in 1909. He worked for local farmers and irrigation works before establishing his own farm in 1916. In 1907 he married Ethel Foreman, ?-1933, and they had thirteen children, Bernice, ?-1933, Cecil, Estel, Luella (Pickle), Melva (Miller), Burrell "Dude", Eloise (Aitkins), Darrell, Murray, Genevieve (Wegener), Milton, ?-1949, Yvonne (Fawkes), and Ramona Dawn (Dennis). Walter's brothers, Paul, ?-1958, Charles, 1895-1938, and Phillip, 1888-?, lived nearby.

Cowdry (family)

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Nathaniel Harrington Cowdry, 1849-1925, born in England, and his brother John Cowdry, 1857-1947, born in Toronto, Ontario, moved from Ontario to Regina in 1882 and then to Fort Macleod, Alberta in 1886. They established the town's first bank, known as Cowdry Brothers in 1886. In 1905 the bank was sold to the Canadian Bank of Commerce, at which time Nathaniel continued in the banking business in Ontario, and John took up ranching near Pincher Creek. Nathaniel married Anna Ingham and they had one son, Edmund. In 1885 John married Emma Gaisford Whitney, 1866-1893, and they had four children, Mary Adelaide (Hanning), 1887-1942, Frederic Thomas, 1888-1888, Augustus Nathaniel, 1891-1935, and John, 1893-1893. John Cowdry's second marriage was to Annie Augusta Thompson, in 1898 and they had one daughter Augusta Edith Alice (Chamberlin), 1899-1986. The John Cowdry family subsequently moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where Augustus worked for the Dominion Machinery Company and Anglo-American Trading Company in the late 1920s and 1930s. For further information see Henry Klassen's article "Cowdry Brothers : Private Bankers in Southwestern Alberta, 1886-1905" in Alberta History. - vol. 37, no. 1 (Winter, 1989) and The Banker and the Blackfoot: a memoir of my grandfather in Chinook Country / J. Edward Chamberlin. - Toronto: Knopf Canada, 2016.

Dingman (family)

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Archibald Wayne Dingman, 1850-1936, was born in Ontario. He worked in the Pennsylvania, USA oil fields as a young man, and in the soap business in Toronto. He moved to Calgary ca. 1902, and in 1905 organized the Calgary Natural Gas Company. In 1908 the company drilled its first producing well, which was linked by pipeline to its first user, the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company, in 1910. Dingman had the original franchise to supply natural gas to Calgary. He created the Calgary Petroleum Products Company in 1912. The company made the first major naphtha-laden gas discovery in Alberta when it drilled the Dingman #1 well in Turner Valley. It blew in on May 14, 1914 and started a major oil boom in the province. Dingman organized the Highwood Petroleum Company in 1934, which later became part of the Highwood-Sarcee Oil Company. Dingman was inducted into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame in 2005. Dingman and his wife, Ida, married in 1882, had two children, Corinne Curragh (Patteson), 1887-1978, and Claude Lane, 1894-1970. Corinne married Arthur Patteson in 1924. Claude, began to work in the oil business in 1916, and wrote many historical accounts of the petroleum industry. Dingman's nephew, Charles Willard Dingman, 1889-1946, came to Alberta in 1913 to work at Turner Valley. He subsequently had a long career in the oil business, with the provincial government and Home Oil.

Eckersley (family)

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Joseph Edward Eckersley, 1853-1907, was born in England and came to Medicine Hat, Alberta in 1887. In 1889 he moved to Calgary, Alberta where he was active as a quarry owner and building contractor. He served as a Calgary alderman in 1901 and school trustee, 1900-1901. About 1900 he acquired a ranch and farm a few miles south of Calgary. He married Martha Booth and they had at least three children, Albert Creig, 1881-1967, Joseph Edward junior, 1894-1917, and Francis Clifford, 1898-1974. Albert continued to operate the farm until he retired to Calgary in 1959. He and his wife Constance Emily had four children, Mary Frances, Edward Vincent, Bernice Creig (Latter), 1915-2008, and Albert Clifford, 1922-2012. Joseph died in France during the First World War.

Elton (family)

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Col. Robarts William Elton, 1836-1899, was born in India and educated in England. He served with the East India Company for many years. In 1862 he married Ada Bagshawe, ?-1923, and they had four children, Edmund Ashley, 1865-1938, Cecil, 1867-1951, Ralph F., 1869-1960, and Maude (Kemmis), 1871-1962, all born in India. Col. Elton and E. Ashley took up ranches near Pincher Creek, Alberta in 1886. They were joined in 1889 by Ada and Maude, and by Cecil and Ralph who had attended agricultural college in Ontario, 1886-1889. The family ranch was called Grasmere.

Freeman (family)

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Helen Elizabeth Pennypacker, 1906-1986, was born in Pennsylvania, USA. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1927 and worked for the YWCA. She also studied art at this time. She married James Morton Freeman in 1939. Mort, 1910-1982, was born in Lougheed, Alberta. He attended the Presbyterian College at McGill University, 1933-1938, graduating in theology, and received his master's degree in 1940 from the Union Theological Seminary in New York. The Freemans settled in Ontario and Mort worked as a Presbyterian minister. Both were active in the Fellowship for a Christian Social Order. The Freemans had twin sons, John, 1944-, and Ivan, 1944-2015. They moved to Cayley, Alberta in 1947 and Mort worked as a landscaper until his retirement. Due to Mort's poor health, Helen began teaching to help support the family. In 1955 they moved to Calgary. The Freemans helped organize the NDP in Calgary in 1961 and strongly supported the party. In 1966 the Alberta NDP published Mort's book, Biggest Sellout in History: Foreign Ownership of Alberta's Oil and Gas Industry and the Oil Sands. Helen was very active in the Voice of Women, an anti-war/anti-nuclear weapons group, and in the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament. For further information see Brian Brennan's "Tribute", Calgary Herald, April 26, 1994, p. B2.

Grogan (family)

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Anthony Medlicott Grogan, 1867-1953, was born in Somerset, England and arrived in Calgary, Alberta in 1887. He joined the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) and served until 1892 when he went into real estate under the name Ellis and Grogan. In 1924 he went to work for the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company and retired about 1942. He married Miriam Caroline de Sousa. His son, John Anthony "Jack" Grogan, 1903-1976, worked in the petroleum industry and was very active with the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and the Community Chest.

Bowlus (family)

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C. George Bowlus, 1858-1925, and his brother O.W. (Ollie), 1854-1933, were born in Illinois, USA and orphaned as children. They were brought up by an uncle and attended Wheaton College. George went into banking and Ollie built bridges and railroads. Ollie married, moved to Iowa and had two children. George married Hattie Ann Johnston, 1857-?, of Byron, Illinois. They had five daughters: Verna (Gordon), 1882-1967, Ola Frank (Rice), 1885-?, Ruth McKinley, 1896-?, Bess Johnston (Ford), 1889-?, and Harriet Alice, 1887-?. The family moved to Nebraska ca. 1885. Ollie and George invested in land near Strathmore and Blackie in 1907-1908. Ollie moved his family to High River in 1908 and became the secretary of the first High River United Farmers of Alberta (UFA). George moved to Blackie in 1914, engaged in mixed farming, and had a dairy with Ollie. Hattie and Verna joined him temporarily in 1915. In 1916, Hattie and Ruth moved to Blackie, where Ruth would later teach school. Harriet, who had worked in business in the USA, joined her mother and sister to work on the farm after George's death. Verna and Bess remained in the USA. Ola and her husband, Ernest M. Rice, farmed near Blackie, but later returned to the USA.

Bradley (family)

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Jonathan Bradley and his family moved to Calgary, Alberta from Muskoka, Ontario in 1892. Jonathan and his wife, Elizabeth Cunningham, had a number of children including May (Clarke), Robert, Levi, Richard, John, Mary, Wilfred, Helen (McNeill), Olive, N. Hilburn, and Louis. In 1896 they bought a homestead on what is now 17th Avenue and 69th Street SW in Calgary and named it Poplar Grove Ranch.

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