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A.B. Cushing Mills

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Alfred Bruce Cushing, 1865-1944, was born in Ontario and taught there for many years. In 1900 he moved to Edmonton where he joined his younger brother, Arthur, in managing a branch of Cushing Brothers Ltd., a lumber company started in Calgary, Alberta in 1885 by their older brother, William H. Cushing. A.B. Cushing was vice-president and manager, and later secretary-treasurer of Cushing Brothers until 1910. In 1911 he formed his own lumber business in Calgary, the A.B. Cushing Lumber Company. In 1926 this company amalgamated with R.L. Cushing Millwork Company of Moose Jaw, and the Vancouver firms of Masterbilt Doors, Cushing Mills (British Columbia), and North Vancouver Sawmills under the name A.B. Cushing Mills Ltd.

Aborigines Protection Society

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The Aborigines Protection Society of England was formed in 1837. Its purpose was stated as being "to assist in protecting the defenceless, and promoting the advancement of uncivilized tribes". It ran in parallel with the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society with which it had overlapping membership. F.W. Chesson was the society's secretary from 1866 to 1888. Among other activities, APS lobbied the British government on behalf of native people in the British colonies, to prevent wholesale expropriation of their lands.

Acme Feeder Association

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The Acme Feeder Association was established in the 1950s to purchase livestock for its members to feed. The association then cooperatively sold the animals to obtain the best possible price. The organization had members from the Acme and Linden areas of Alberta.

Adanac Oil Company

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Adanac Oil Company Limited was incorporated in May 1914 with William Stewart Herron, 1870-1939, as president. Herron came to Alberta ca. 1904 and was involved in farming and the petroleum industry. He helped found other petroleum companies including Calgary Petroleum Products. Adanac Oil was struck in November 1922.

Administrative Management Society. Calgary Chapter

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The Calgary chapter of the Administrative Management Society, originally called the National Office Management Association, received its charter in 1945. The formation of the chapter was initiated by Don Carlyle of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Toronto, Jack Evans, the Calgary representative of the same company, and George W. Wallace of Henderson Secretarial School. These men believed that office management in Calgary would benefit from the information and assistance available from NOMA. Chapter presidents have included Jack Evans, Ralph Ranson and Fred Johnson. Members of the chapter were instrumental in creating the Edmonton Chapter in 1949, and a collegiate chapter at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in the late 1960s. The Calgary chapter was active in AMS conferences, and hosted a number of them, as well as the Western Canada Business Show. The chapter folded in November 1994.

A.E. Cross Studios

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Alfred Earnest Cross, ca. 1890-1951, emigrated from England to Canada. He operated the Cross and Paul photographic studio in Edmonton, Alberta from 1912 to 1914, in partnership with Lorne R. Paul. From 1918 to 1922 he was a photographer in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and then he settled in Lethbridge, Alberta. By 1924 he had opened A.E. Cross Studio, a photography business which offered portraits and commercial photography, photofinishing and picture framing. The studio was located at 906-3rd Avenue S, and moved to 614-3rd Avenue S in 1927 and 710-3rd Avenue S in 1952. A.E. retired ca. 1948 and his son, Reginald A., became manager. He also had another son, Walter J. The company was renamed A.E. Cross Photography Ltd. ca. 1967 and in 1970 Terrance Bland became manager. In the following year it appears the business was renamed Terry Bland's Photography Ltd. but this was only for a year. By 1973 A.E. Cross Studios was apparently re-established at the same location with Reginald as manager. Ed Keeling became manager ca. 1976.

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